The Book of Bondage - Alternate Camera Edit - Gia Milana 1
The Book of Bondage - Alternate Camera Edit - Gia Milana 2

Encore! This is the 2nd camera version of this tantalizing tale! Wizard Academy student Gia Milana has discovered the location of Professor Silvanus' secret study. She sneaks into his hidden room to locate a particular spell not available anywhere else, and she starts looking through the mystical tomes. But Gia opens up one particular book and is suddenly beset by flying ropes! The busty student finds herself instantly bound and she tries several spells in an attempt to liberate herself, but nothing is working on the magic bonds. Then the mysterious Professor Silvanus suddenly appears and asks Ms. Milana what she's doing in his most private study, and she tells him she wandered in by accident. The black-robed wizard knows that's a lie, but he compliments the gorgeous student on her skills, as no student has ever successfully found his study before. He uses an incantation that compels his trussed-up visitor to tell the truth, and she must admit that she was seeking a spell to make an uncaring boy reciprocate her feelings of love.

Gia asks Professor Silvanus if he's going to free her now, but he tells her he must first discuss the matter with Headmaster Bumblebee. He then waves his magic wand and the stunning brunette is suddenly ballgagged and tied hands over head — and he luscious breasts are exposed! Professor Silvanus tells the bondaged beauty she has exceptional abilities and that is possible for her to use her magic to escape the ropes. If she's successful, he indicates a book with a spell that will make both him and the headmaster forget any of this ever happened, and another with the spell she was originally looking for. The dark wizard wishes Gia good luck and then disappears. The sexy student desperately tries to say some magic words, but the ballgag stops her from articulating the spells. Gia then tries struggling and squirming against the enchanted ropes, but she can't get loose. Will she somehow be able to prevail?

Danger Gal: Old Habits Fall Hard - The Complete Story - Darla Crane & Stacy Burke 1
Danger Gal: Old Habits Fall Hard - The Complete Story - Darla Crane & Stacy Burke 2

Superstars Darla Crane and Stacy Burke are reunited for this bondage-filled super fantasy by Skyryder 23. As the story opens, we learn that some time ago Danger Gal (Darla Crane) had vanquished her arch-enemy Gadgette (Stacy Burke) and the villainous vixen had been sentenced to a long stay in prison. This led to a precipitous drop in the crime rate, and Danger-Gal hung up her super-suit and returned to her career as a lawyer. But mind-numbing boredom makes the gorgeous crimebuster long for the glory days, and Darla arranges for Gadgette to be paroled so she can have more thrilling adventures. The blonde supervillainess returns to her old hideout, and is surprised when she's confronted by her nemesis Danger Gal! The redheaded champion of justice is looking over Gadgette's diabolical devices when she accidentally activates a wand that paralyzes her.

Danger Gal has unexpectedly fallen into Gadgette's clutches and when we next see her she's been securely bound to a chair -- and the helpless super-lady has a powerful vibrator startegically roped between her thighs. The wicked blonde takes advantage of Danger Gal's helpless position to ballgag the busty super-lady, expose her enormous breasts and then to unmask her! Gadgette gloats and explains that it's no ordinary vibrator that Danger Gal has pressed up against her most intimate area. She tells the captive redhead that it will absorb her powers, and the more pleasure she feels, the more it will drain her powers until they're gone forever! Gadgette switches on the diabolical device and Danger Gal summons all her inner strength to hold out against the irresistible one-note song of the vibrator. But despite her resolve, the defeated do-gooder must ultimately surrender to the power of the vibrator with a shuddering orgasm! Danger Gal's downfall is complete -- but what does Gadgette have planned for her next?

Now the blonde vixen takes full advantage of her unexpected victory to publicly humiliate the defeated crimebuster. Gadgette begins her special broadcast by unveiling the vanquished redhead to the world, ballgagged and bound to a post. Gadgette then declares that now Danger Gal is her prisoner, no one will be able to stop her! The cruel supervillainess then mercilessly taunts the powerless do-gooder, toying with her helpless hostage and exposing Danger Gal's super-sized breasts. Gadgette tells the bound and gagged beauty that since the former super-lady kept her locked up in jail for so long, now it's only fair that she keep the busty redhead imprisoned for a while. Danger Gal struggles against the ropes and moans in desperation, but all looks hopelessly lost!

The story concludes with a flashback of several years before when Danger Gal (Darla Crane) finally captured her elusive nemesis Gadgette (Stacy Burke). The blonde vixen has been hogtied and ballgagged by the busty crimebuster, and the triumphant super-lady gives an unknowingly misinformed speech to the defeated evil mastermind about how her reign of crime has finally come to and end. The masked champion of justice tells Gadgette she must pay for her crimes, woefully innocent of what their futures hold when they cross paths again. Her mission completed, Danger Gal makes her exit and the vanquished supervillainess struggles and squirms in a desperate attempt to make a final escape before the authorities arrive to take her to prison. But despite her energetic efforts to save her own skin, the knots all hold tight and Gadgette can only despair and hope for a chance at revenge!

Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 2

In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular protagonist, Sweet Nell. As the story continues, she's been nabbed again and taken back down to the abandoned mine by the dastardly villain, Salty Sam. Nell is stripped down to her white panties, waist-cincher, stockings and boots, and our busty damsel is tied up and kneeling before a device she's never seen before. The villain explains that it's a dildo, and she's going to be tested on her oral skills. Salty Sam tells her that he plans to offer her to some disreputable foreigners if she does well. Even though Nell has no experience, she realizes she must cooperate with the vile evildoer, and she does her best to service the dildo. In fact, her performance is so good that the depraved villain decides to keep her for himself! Sweet Nell is hogtied and cleavegagged, but she still rejects her despicable captor. Salty Sam tells the beautiful damsel he intends to keep her a prisoner until she falls in love with him. Sweet Nell squirms and moans in despair. Will the hero be able to find and save her yet again?

Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 2

In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular protagonist, Sweet Nell. We begin with the story already in progress, and our hapless and oft-imperiled damsel has been grabbed once again by the villain, Salty Sam. Sweet Nell has been taken to the old mine where she's bound hand and foot. The scoundrel insists that she sign the deed to her ranch over to him, but she bravely refuses. He then asks for her hand in marriage, but Sweet Nell rebuffs him again. Sam then silences his buxom captive with a layered cloth gag (shown on-screen) and he prepares a dire fate for Sweet Nell. Our helpless damsel struggles and squirms against the ropes, but her only hope is for the hero to come and save her before it's too late! Of course, Salty Sam returns to give his delectable guest another chance to change her mind, but she turns him down again, and the heartless fiend exposes her enormous breasts before making the final preparations for his evil plot. All looks hopeless for Sweet Nell, but the hero enters in the nick of time to foil the villain. But Salty Sam isn't defeated yet!

Elf-Bondage Nightmare! - Nikole Nash

27.12.2019Nikole Nash10:45 MinutenBondage, Costume
Elf-Bondage Nightmare! - Nikole Nash 0
Elf-Bondage Nightmare! - Nikole Nash 1
Elf-Bondage Nightmare! - Nikole Nash 2

Somewhere not far from the North Pole, Elf Nikole Nash has been taken captive! The bespectacled babe is tied hand and foot, and she tries to warn her naughty captors that taking her prisoner isn't a good idea. But her words go unheeded, and Santa's cutest helper is silenced with a knotted cleavegag. Elf Nikole gagtalks, asking to be turned loose as she squirms against her bonds. Then, when she believes she's not being watched, she gets up in an attempt to hop away. But bid for freedom is cut short when she's caught again. The Grinchy villains strip the adorable elf down to some festive lingerie, take away her glasses and secure her to a chair, and she continues to beg to be let go. Then Nikole's depraved captors expose her perfect breasts, tie her legs open and layer a detective gag over her cleavegag. She continues to try calling for help through her layered gag, but only a Christmas miracle can possibly save her now!

Christmas In Bondage - Part Five - Melody Marks 0
Christmas In Bondage - Part Five - Melody Marks 1
Christmas In Bondage - Part Five - Melody Marks 2

As "Elf-Napped!" concludes, sweet damsel Elf Melody Marks is being held as a helpless captive. The delectable blonde in dressed up in a black Santa outfit and fur-topped boots, and she's tied up with festive red rope in a classic position. Like Elf Scarlett in the previous chapter, she tries to be brave and defiant, but she loses her sass once she's chewing on a red cleavegag. Elf Melody makes a lively attempt to free herself, but her efforts only cause her mysterious captor to open up her costume to expose her luscious breasts and connect a rope from her breasts to her ankles so she can't straighten her legs. All looks hopeless for the bound beauty when a timely rescuer comes to save Elf Melody and we learn who's behind this dastardly plot!

Christmas In Bondage - Part Four - Scarlett Mae 0
Christmas In Bondage - Part Four - Scarlett Mae 1
Christmas In Bondage - Part Four - Scarlett Mae 2

As "Elf-Napped!" begins, somewhere not far from the North Pole, red-hot Elf Scarlett Mae (in a sexy Santa outfit and white boots) is securely bound to a chair and berating her captor. But her threats of putting the unseen villain on the naughty list only earns the gorgeous redhead a tapegag. Santa's captive helper struggles and squirms against her restraints, but only her perfect, all natural breasts escape. Then Elf Scarlett is roped into a hogtie and she continues to fight against the ropes. But her defiance ultimately becomes despair as she's realizes she'll be a helpless captive as long as the villain wants.

Christmas In Bondage - Part Three - Laney Grey  0
Christmas In Bondage - Part Three - Laney Grey  1
Christmas In Bondage - Part Three - Laney Grey  2

As we begin the final chapter of "Ewanatiia's Christmas Party," Laney Grey is magically dressed up in a sexy Santa outfit and boots. She's gagged with pink duct tape and tied at a post with pink leather restraints. The holiday hostage continues her struggles, but she can't get away! Ms. Grey also can't stop Ewanatiia from having fun with his sexy captive, as he uses his magic to reveal all of Ms. Grey's feminine charms. It looks like Laney is going to remain wrapped up like a present all night when a surprise visitor comes in and reveals the true nature of this kinky party.

Christmas In Bondage - Part Two - Laney Grey 0
Christmas In Bondage - Part Two - Laney Grey 1
Christmas In Bondage - Part Two - Laney Grey 2

As "Ewantiia's Christmas Party" continues, Laney Grey has been taken captive at home by a criminal looking for the elusive South Pacific god of mischief. When we next see Laney, she's dressed in a different sexy holiday outfit and boots, bound hand and foot, and the villain is ballgagging her. He hogties her (on-screen) and warns Laney that he's going to make her bondage more stringent and add another rope each hour until he gets his prize. Then the intruder sees Ewanatiia, and he's thrilled, thinking his quest has come to an end. But the obsidian god has chosen a strange and unexpected fate for the evildoer. Laney is now alone and helpless. She struggles in a vain attempt for freedom, drooling past her ballgag. The mischievous god bares her breasts and adds more rope to her hogtie, ultimately binding her elbows together. Ewanatiia then appears before Laney and she begs him for mercy, but he's not quite done with her yet.

Christmas In Bondage - Part One - Laney Grey 0
Christmas In Bondage - Part One - Laney Grey 1
Christmas In Bondage - Part One - Laney Grey 2

In "Ewanatiia's Christmas Party," adorable Laney Grey is confronted in her home by a masked intruder who demands that she turn over Ewanatiia, the South Pacific god of mischief. She tells him she has no idea what he's talking about, and the villain informs her that her father, Professor Grey, has the notorious little god and he wants it! The black-clad baddie then demands that Laney take her clothes off, and she has no choice but to comply. But when she removes the long gown, they're both surprised to see she's wearing a sexy outfit and high heels underneath it! The intruder realizes this must be the work of the troublemaking idol, so now he's sure Ewanatiia must be near. He grabs Laney and ties her to a chair, then silences her with a stuffed cleavegag while he searches the house. Little do either of them know that the supernatural prankster is nearby. While the burglar ransacks the house Ewanatiia toys with Ms. Grey, changing her position, stopping for a visit between her perfect breasts and then exposing them before the intruder returns empty-handed. After pulling a supernatural amount of stuffing from Laney's mouth, she still insists she can't help her captor. The ski-masked creep tells his sweet hostage that now he's going to try a different approach.