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Encore! This is the pulse-pounding 2nd camera version of this sizzling story! Victoria June is an ace investigative reporter for KTIT, and she's been doing her job too well. Late at night, a black-clad intruder breaks into her bedroom and awakens the busty beauty with a gloved handgag and tells her she's in trouble. The long-haired reporter is spirited away to a grungy hideout where she's stripped down to her panties and roped into a strappado position with her legs held wide apart by a spreader-bar. Ms. June is silenced with a med-wrap gag, tightly pressed against her lips. The ski-masked villain tells his luscious captive that his boss wants a few words with her, but he's running late so she's have to be patient until he arrives. Left alone, Victoria tries to escape from this frightening situation (and her huge breasts jiggle from her efforts), but the ropes hold fast. Before long the boss arrives, and he tells the sexy journalist that he's unhappy with the stories she's been airing about him. He also let's her know that she's much better looking in real life than she is on TV, and he can't resist taking advantage of her helplessness. The boss indulges in some fondling and groping of the tied-up reporter, even giving a few playful swats to her very round posterior. He gives Victoria a firm warning and then leaves her struggle. How will she be able to free herself? And will she listen to the boss' words?