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Now this amazing compilation of bondage fantasies is bargain priced! This collection begins with an introduction by handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor, who presents an episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," federal operator Samantha Grace has been overpowered and taken prisoner by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). Samantha is cleavegagged and tied in a classic position on the floor. Left alone, Samantha energetically struggles to free herself. Her skirt rides up to expose her stocking-tops.

In this episode of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," Tabitha is taken captive by Wicked Carlotta (Alexis Taylor). When she refuses to talk, the cute blonde is suspended by her wrists and briefly whipped by the villainess. Agent Samantha Grace comes to Tabitha's rescue, but she's captured as well. The damsels are stripped down, cleavegagged, tied back-to-back and left in a classic cliffhanger dilemma.

In this unusual offshoot episode of "The Lady Agents," Christina Carter portrays "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich." Agent Goldie Blair is captured by the notorious villainess, chained up, cleavegagged and subjected to a bizarre interrogation.

As "Inga, She-Bitch of the Rich" continues, captive lady agent Goldie Blair is locked into stocks and threatened by Heinz, the gorilla man. Then Inga (Christina Carter) takes advantage of her busty captive, but the naughty villainess' superiors take a dim view of Inga's depraved actions, and both ladies are bound, gagged and left to an uncertain fate!

In the closing chapter of the WWII-era serial "The Lady Agents," the mysterious alien Nicole Oring has teleported herself and agent Samantha Grace to safety -- but then Nicole has mysterious men bind and gag them both (shown onscreen) for her own inscrutable reasons. And just to make the game interesting, the captives are both facing serious peril if they're not rescued in time!

Handcuffed hostess Alexis Taylor continues her MC duties as she introduces the next segment. In "The Untold Story" Melissa Jacobs indulges in some gagtalk as she tries to explain what's happening between segments of an unusual scene of the gorgeous blonde bound with rope, handcuffs and chains.

Roleplaying Ladycop Veronica Avluv is handcuffed and fondled by her husband Hans Avluv. The busty brunette is cleavegagged with a bandana and completely vulnerable to his advances with her hands cuffed and secured overhead.

In "How to Tie Up Loose Ends," Loren Chance helps Jon Woods with his unusual instructional endeavor. The aqua-haired lovely is securely bound in a classic position, including a toe-tie, and the bondage-loving babe struggles and moans.

In "Fanboy Favorite," Anna Nolan is the actress who played the elf-eared alien "T'Pooki" in a sci-fi TV series, and now she's the chair-tied captive of a crazed fan. When she tries to reason with her captor she gets a knotted cleavegag. But is she still just acting?

Having finished her duties as a handcuffed hostess, busty superstar Alexis Taylor is cleavegagged and roped into a progressive fold-tie on the sofa. Soon the gorgeous brunette's enormous breasts are bared, and she helplessly struggles and moans.