Training Ms. Lane - Part Two - Arielle Lane 0
Training Ms. Lane - Part Two - Arielle Lane 1
Training Ms. Lane - Part Two - Arielle Lane 2

Reporter Arielle Lane has been taken captive by "The Coach" and is being trained for a new life as a bondage slave. As her training continues, it's weeks later and we see Arielle's lesson in poise and balance. Dressed up in black bra, panties, stockings and garters, leather high-heeled boots, gloves and waist-cincher, the leggy brunette is bit-gagged and she has pink cuffs buckled on her wrists and ankles. The Coach instructs her to balance a book on top of her head. He reminds the slave-in-training that if the book falls she'll be subjected to punishment. He then locks Arielle's hands behind her back and the session begins. She makes a valiant effort to do well, carefully walking with tiny steps as her ankles are locked close together and the book precariously balanced, but it's not long before the book slams to the floor. Her merciless captor then makes her kneel backward in a chair while he fetches an implement to discipline her, allowing a tantalizing view of her luscious backside. Arielle is next seen ballgagged, handcuffed and secured to a chair to contemplate the errors of her ways and how to be a better servant for her future master.