Training Ms Lane - Part One - Arielle Lane 0
Training Ms Lane - Part One - Arielle Lane 1
Training Ms Lane - Part One - Arielle Lane 2

As our story opens, reporter Arielle Lane has requested an interview with the Coach at Las Captivas Community College. She's directed to his secondary office, tucked away by the stadium. Her interview barely gets underway when the stunning brunette is suddenly overpowered and she's completely at the Coach's mercy. The next thing our plucky reporter knows, she's been taken away to the Coach's private training house. Arielle is stripped down to her bra and panties, and locked into a metal restraining device known as a "fiddle." Her legs are bound in a lotus position and she's subjected to a snug crotch-rope. The Coach informs his sweet captive that her investigative journalism made an enemy of someone very rich and powerful. To get revenge on the gorgeous reporter, he's enlisted the Coach to secure Ms. Lane and train her to be his personal bondage slave. She tries to be brave and defiant, but her attitude only earns her a stuffed microfoam wrap tapegag (shown on-screen). The villain tells her that her first lesson is in humility, and possibly humiliation. He's placed her purse and phone up high on a bench, and to give her a sporting chance he assures her he won't stop her if she can find a way to get to them while he takes care of some other business. Left alone, Arielle makes a desperate attempt to reach the coveted items and free herself, but she only manages to get out of her bra. Arielle despairs as she realizes the fiddle is inescapable and she's trapped!