Training Ms. Lane - Part Five - Alex Coal 0
Training Ms. Lane - Part Five - Alex Coal 1
Training Ms. Lane - Part Five - Alex Coal 2

In the conclusion of the holiday-themed fantasy "The Valentine Mission," Alex Coal plays "Vixen," an agent of Cupid who's taken captive on her assignment. When her captor's demands are refused, the love angel is on the receiving end of her own "love dart." Once Vixen starts feeling the effects of the "dart," she finds herself irresistably attracted to the subject of her ill-fated mission. She's dressed up in a silky slip and strappy heels, frogtied on the bed with her hands tied overhead, and there's a powerful vibrator secured against her most intimate area. The aroused angel begs her newfound love to release her so she express her passion for him. But instead the lusty captive's pleas are silenced with a duct tape gag and the vibrator is activated. The fallen-in-love angel soon succumbs to the hum of the Hitachi and experiences a helpless orgasm. But what will her captor do with her now?