The Wrong Package - Part Five - Haley Spades 0
The Wrong Package - Part Five - Haley Spades 1
The Wrong Package - Part Five - Haley Spades 2

Dynamic Damsel (Haley Spades) has been defeated by the Black Hoodie, and is now being held in the back of a van. She's been robbed of her costume and stripped down to lacy pink bra and panties. The vanquished super-lady is still rendered helpless by the indestructable ropes, and she's gagged with microfoam tape. The Black Hoodie enters with a sinister glowing device, which he runs over her body. He explains that he's not going to permanently remove her powers, but instead collect them for his own evil purposes. Even though she's in a weakened state, the ropes will keep her as his helpless prisoner when her powers return. Dynamic Damsel still bravely struggles against the ropes and this cruel fate, but her efforts are useless. Then later Haley's bra is removed and she's hogtied on the floor of the van, rolling around and fighting her restraints in a brave but vain bid for freedom. Will she ever be able to escape from this terrible predicament?