The Return Of The Santamander! - Vika 0
The Return Of The Santamander! - Vika 1
The Return Of The Santamander! - Vika 2

Somewhere in the frozen North, a terrible creature plots his revenge! Defeated once, he now returns with a singular mission: Destroy Christmas! It seems Santa Claus did not completely vanquish the evil lizard known as the Santamander, and now he's back to cause more trouble! As the scene begins, the monster has nabbed one of St. Nick's favorite elves, Vika. The blonde beauty is tied hand and foot, held prisoner on a bare mattress. She cries in vain for Santa to save her from this horrible fate, but instead the Santamander appears and ballgags his luscious hostage. The plucky elf struggles furiously against her restraints, but the knots all hold tight, and Vika helplessly drools past her gag. Then the monster returns and hogties the barefoot babe. Vika continues her energetic fight against the ropes, but she can't get away. Will Santa be able to save her in time?