The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 0
The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 1
The Rebel And The Spy - The Complete Video 2

This sensational bondage video is now bargain priced! In the tiny country of Las Rehenes, rebel leader "El Bobo" is enjoying a private moment with "La Paloma Sucia" (Nikki Knightly). At his request, his escort has dressed up in a fetishistic pony outfit, thigh high stockings, boots, gloves and leather mittens for some bondage fun. The slender beauty is tied down to the bed with a padded bit-gag strapped between her lips. But before they get too far with their game, they're interrupted by word that El Presidente's army is closing in on the rebel base. El Bobo has no choice but to flee, and he has no time to liberate his roped-up pony before making his retreat. Nikki squirms in vain as the sound of the approaching army draws nearer.

Two years after their first encounter, "El Bobo" has tracked La Paloma (Nikki Knightly) to her apartment in La Ciudad de Cazadores. He grabs her while she's napping (in bra and panties), and the one-eyed revolutionary cleavegags La Paloma and binds her into a fold-tie. He tells the femme fatale that he knows she's a spy, and it was she who betrayed the location of the rebel base to El Presidente. He then prepares to spirit the gorgeous spy to the new rebel headquarters.

"La Paloma" (Nikki Knightly) is taken to El Bobo's new rebel camp, where she's dressed up in lingerie, collar, corset, stockings and gloves and chairtied for her interrogation. El Bobo is convinced he can persuade his sexy captive to act as a double agent for the revolution. He ballgags the seductive spy and turns on the vibrator positioned between her legs. Soon La Paloma succumbs to a shuddering orgasm, but the cunning spy still has a surprise in store for her captor.

In "Blonde In A Haunted House," the titular busty damsel Mila Brite (dressed up in secretarial-style blouse, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and high heels) goes to a spooky mansion in search of the pin-up and secretary from the previous haunted house stories. She's cornered and nabbed by a mysterious hooded figure, and our busty damsel is ballgagged and frog-tied (stocking-footed) in the study. She struggles and squirms against the ropes, but all her efforts are in vain!

"Blonde In A Haunted House" continues with damsel Mila Brite (dressed up in secretarial-style blouse, leather miniskirt, black pantyhose and high heels) chairtied in a hidden room, cleavegagged and her pendulous breasts are bared by her masked tormentor. What does this mysterious villain have planned for poor Mila?

As "Captive In The Suburbs" begins, sexy secretary Charlotte Cross (in blouse, miniskirt, stockings and high heels) is held hostage by desperate men. In a ransom video, the chair-tied brunette begs her boss to turn over the mysterious "Black Omega Project" so they'll set her free. The busty babe is then cleavegagged and struggling, and her considerable breasts are bared for their depraved amusement.

"Captive In The Suburbs" continues with poor Charlotte Cross dressed up in bra, panties and a collar, ballgagged and tied to the bed with a strategically-placed vibrator roped into place. Charlotte's captors activate the device, and before long our barefoot damsel surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms. But will they ever set Charlotte free?