The Perils Of Melody - Part One - Melody Marks 0
The Perils Of Melody - Part One - Melody Marks 1
The Perils Of Melody - Part One - Melody Marks 2

At the end of "Melody Marks, Detective," our plucky amateur sleuth was bound, gagged and boxed up to be shipped away to parts unknown. As the story begins, we see that Melody was flown to an estate in Lyndonia where she's securely tied to a post outside and detective-gagged. Before long she's greeted by her captor: a wealthy villain known only as "The Baron." He explains that years ago he had a run-in with Ms. Marks' aunt, Cathy Drew! He was sentenced to life in prison, but wealth and position got him and early release, and now he's out for revenge! But since her aunt could not be found, poor Melody (Cathy's only relative) must suffer in her place! The Baron tells her that a pack of wild wolves roam his estate, and Ms. Marks will be their next meal! He sprays her with wolf phermones to draw them in, and leaves a bag of cheeseburgers nearby to whet their appetite. Left alone, Melody struggles in vain to escape this dire predicament, but she's completely helpless!