The Mad Roper - Part Two - Alice Moore  0
The Mad Roper - Part Two - Alice Moore  1
The Mad Roper - Part Two - Alice Moore  2

A black-clad villain has taken actress Alice Moore prisoner in her own home. As the story continues, Ms. Moore is seen in a sexy school uniform, white socks and sneakers, and the villain has allowed her to wear her glasses. Her hands are tied behind her back and she asks the knotty intruder who he is and what he wants from her. He explains that he's "The Mad Roper," although he could more accurately be called "The Disappointed Roper." He was dissatisfied with the actress's bondage scenes in her mainstream work, and now he's come to rectify those past errors. Alice then recognizes him as a stalker from social media, but he unconvincingly claims that was someone else. The stunning thespian is then securely chair-tied and ballgagged in the villain's interpretation of how she should've been restrained in her full-treatment film scene. She makes a futile effort to free herself, but liberation isn't in the cards for her. Then the villain steps up the fantasy by removing her shoes and socks, baring Ms. Moore's breasts and tying her legs open, exposing her most intimate area. She moans and she's powerless to stop the saliva from dripping past her ballgag onto her chest. But the Mad Roper lets his luscious victim know her ordeal isn't over yet!