The Mad Roper - Part Five - Madi Meadows  0
The Mad Roper - Part Five - Madi Meadows  1
The Mad Roper - Part Five - Madi Meadows  2

In the 1950s sitcom parody "Always In Trouble," neighborhood snoop Madi Meadows is in trouble when she finds out her neighbor is actually a commie spy! Our stunning damsel is taken away to the spy's secret dungeon where she's stripped naked and locked into stocks with her hands cuffed overhead. She's gagged with duct tape, and her toes have been tied. The villain wonders why she still won't talk, and he promises to keep her a prisoner until she tells him everything he wants to know. The leggy brunette despairs: she doesn't know anything, and she doesn't know what the cruel spy may be capable of doing. Even though she seems to be completely trapped, Madi still fights the ropes and straps. But her valiant efforts are all in vain. And then, just when everything seems completely hopeless, an unexpected hero comes to her rescue!