The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 0
The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 1
The Lois Legacy - Part Five - Lola Pearl 2

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" story continues, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a devious paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her miniskirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this perilous situation. Will she be able to access her newly-revealed Bondarian side in time to save her own life?