The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 0
The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Part One - Melody Marks 2

The bondage-packed adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with two more of her thrilling cases. In the first one, Melody is nabbed to be used as bait for the hero. She's dressed up in a shiny blouse, a short, very tight denim skirt and heels when she's grabbed and handgagged by a ski-masked man. She's dragged kicking over to a van and tapegagged by a second henchman, then she's pulled into the back of the van. When we next see our sweet damsel she's still tapegagged and now tied hand and foot. She struggles against the ropes and moans through her gag, trying to get someone to respond to her plight, but there's no relief for the gorgeous blonde. Before long the depraved villains decide to spice up her predicament, and they unbutton her silky blouse to expose her perfect breasts, and they hike up her skirt to reveal all of her feminine charms. They also lock a chain onto her wrist restraints to limits Melody's mobility even more. She continues her futile attempts at escape, but there's no squirming out of this tight situation!