The Detective's Casefiles - Part Four - Sabina Rouge 0
The Detective's Casefiles - Part Four - Sabina Rouge 1
The Detective's Casefiles - Part Four - Sabina Rouge 2

As "Rescue Gone Wrong" begins, stunning Sabina Rouge (dressed up in a sexy bare-midriff school uniform, stockings and heels) goes snooping around Professor Pervin's office at Coutts University. The miniskirted beauty is looking for the incriminating evidence that the evil academic is using to blackmail Madi Meadows. But the gorgeous brunette is caught in the act, and the professor isn't fooled by any of Sabina's excuses. The leggy babe is securely roped to a chair while the professor investigates the sexy intruder. Hours later she ultimately admits to her true motives, and even though he finds her private detective credentials, he suspects there may yet be more to her story. A tight cleavegag is knotted between Sabina's sumptuous lips and her top is pulled down to expose her incredibly perky breasts. She struggles against the restraints, but there's no escape for her. When the villain returns, he realizes her has enough information on the sexy gumshoe to blackmail her into a life of servitude, and Sabina knows she must comply!