The Damsel Of The Year - Part One - Ashley Lane 0
The Damsel Of The Year - Part One - Ashley Lane 1
The Damsel Of The Year - Part One - Ashley Lane 2

Sweet, sexy Ashley Lane was the top-selling model at American Damsels for 2016, and so she's rightfully earned the "Damsel Of The Year" award. To celebrate her achievement, we invited Ms. Lane to the studio for an interview and some bondage. Our kinky lady-next-door is refreshingly open and unpretentious as she talks about her sincere love of bondage, her beginnings in "the scene" and many of her favorite things. Throughout this casual conversation, the leggy beauty is being thoroughly tied up by her interviewer Jon Woods, and some appropriate, brief cutaway shots from her previous appearances for American Damsels accent their dialogue.

At one point Ashley mentions her fondness for cat-suits. So to make her happy we present a scenario of our award-winning damsel as a captured cat-burglar. Dressed up in a form-fitting black cat-suit, boots and a mask, Ashley is locked in handcuffs and leg-irons on the bed and demanding that her captor call the police. But her intended victim has some plans of his own before he contacts the authorities, and he silences the naughty burglar with a metal ballgag. The imprisoned beauty struggles against her metal restraints, but she knows she can't escape him. Then Ashley is ballgagged and roped to a chair with her legs held wide apart, and her captor removes her mask (shown onscreen). He activates the powerful vibrator positioned between Ms. Lane's thighs and before long the captive cat-burglar surrenders to a helpless orgasm.