The Damsel Mission - Part Three - Alana Cruise 0
The Damsel Mission - Part Three - Alana Cruise 1
The Damsel Mission - Part Three - Alana Cruise 2

In the next chapter of this story of bondage and intrigue, the masked villain follows a trail to a mansion by the sea, and a search for Ashly Anderson. Once he gains access, he encounters Ashly's personal assistant, Alana Cruise (dressed in a miniskirt, pantyhose, heels and a white blouse). The sexy secretary is terrified by the masked intruder. She raises her hands and offers no resistance, and she's next seen thoroughly bound to her office chair. Alana tells him her boss is away but he doesn't believe her, so her captor ballgags the brunette beauty (shown on-screen) and begins his search. Left alone, Ms. Cruise furtively tries to liberate herself, but the knots all hold tight. Before long her captor returns to check on her, and the wicked villain takes advantage of Alana's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her perfect breasts, then he hikes up her short skirt for a better look at her pantyhose. Confident she won't get free, the bad guy leaves her to struggle while he continues his arcane mission.