The Damsel Mission - Part One - Darla Crane 0
The Damsel Mission - Part One - Darla Crane 1
The Damsel Mission - Part One - Darla Crane 2

As this thrilling tale of bondage and intrigue begins, Agent D (Darla Crane, in miniskirt, black pantyhose, boots and a shiny blouse) has been taken captive. The classic beauty awakens to find herself bound hand and foot, helpless at the hands of a masked villain she apparently knows... but is not impressed by. Her captor demands she surrender covert information she possesses, but the feisty secret agent refuses to cooperate and derides him. The dark baddie then silences his busty captive with a microfoam tapegag (shown on-screen) and tells her he'll retrieve the coveted information by hacking into her phone. Left alone, the stunning redhead struggles energetically, but escape seems impossible. When the villain returns, he gloats that he's got what he needs from her, and he bares her immense breasts before making his getaway. Agent D knows she'll be found soon, but she dreads the humiliation of being bested by a third-rate operative and so she fights a losing battle to liberate herself.