The Christmas Slave - The Complete Story - Cassidy Banks 0
The Christmas Slave - The Complete Story - Cassidy Banks 1
The Christmas Slave - The Complete Story - Cassidy Banks 2

As this holiday-themed fantasy begins, buxom cat-burglar Cassidy Banks is caught plying her wicked trade on Christmas Eve night. But much to her surprise, the owner of the house she's robbing is none other than Santa Claus! Cassidy says she can explain, but the jolly one rings his magic bell and the busty babe is suddenly bound and ballgagged. Santa removes her mask and recognizes her, and he tells the cat-suited cutie that she's made the "naughty list" once too often, and it's time for some drastic action. Cassidy is then roped up in a classic position on his desk while, helplessly struggling and fretting about her uncertain fate as Saint Nick loads up his sleigh. Of course, at some point during her anxious wait the zipper on Ms. Banks's skintight cat suit is opened and her luscious breasts are exposed (perhaps it was Santa's gift to himself?). Then the bound burglar is dismayed when she learns that she'll be accompanying Santa on his trip!

The next chapter of the story is presented in POV style as a very lucky guy receives an unexpected package from Santa on Christmas morning. When the box is opened, Cassidy pops up, and she's now stripped down to panties, strappy heels, gloves and a mistletoe necklace -- and she's handcuffed and cleavegagged. The lucky recipient of the naughty Ms. Banks wastes no time in enjoying his present. The busty babe is next seen seated with her her hands cuffed overhead and her feet locked in leg-irons. Ms. Banks struggles against the unrelenting metal restraints and pleads through her gag to be set free, but there's no way her new owner is going to give up such an amazing gift.

There's nothing more fun than playing with a new toy on Christmas morning, and that's exactly what Cassidy's master has planned. The curvy cutie is bound up with festive red rope straddling a padded bench, and she's got a powerful vibrator secured between her legs. She tries to get sympathy and she tells her story to her captor, and he replies that he'll consider turning her loose if she sucks on his candy cane. That's not a metaphor, and he activates the Hitachi and makes Cassidy take his strategically-held candy cane into her mouth. It's not long before the bound beauty can no longer resist the vibrator's song, and she succumbs to a helpless orgasm. Once she's finished, her new master explains that the candy cane was an enchanted gift from Santa, and soon she'll feel its effects and become his bondage slave forever. He tapegags Cassidy (shown on-screen) and tells her she's the best Christmas present ever.