The Christmas Slave - Part Four - Gia Derza 0
The Christmas Slave - Part Four - Gia Derza 1
The Christmas Slave - Part Four - Gia Derza 2

This Christmas fantasy is now presented in individual chapters for our selective customers! In "All Tied Up Like A Present," gorgeous Gia Derza is dressed up in a sexy holiday-themed outfit (including a pair of handcuffs), and she calls her partying boyfriend to try to get him to come home early for some Yule-tied fun. But the hours pass, and the frustrated beauty -- who's locked her hands in front of her -- decides to nap until her guy returns. But the visions of sugarplums aren't dancing in her head for very long when Gia is awakened by a gloved hand clamped over mouth. She struggles to escape from a masked burglar, but with her hands self-cuffed, her efforts are not at all effective. The burglar brings a bench to the bed and he binds the Christmas cutie bent over it. Ms. Derza is cleavegagged, her stockinged ankles are crossed and tied and her perfect backside is tantalizingly on display. After the Grinchy intruder has collected all the presents, he returns to his squirming captive for a moment to gloat, and then he pulls down her festive red panties to expose her exquisite assets. Gia struggles and moans, but she just can't escape from her embarrassing situation.