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After hours at the B & G Company, the boss calls employees Chrissy Marie and Harmony Wonder into his office. He informs the stunning duo that a recent audit has shown they've been embezzling funds from the company. They beg him not to go to the authorities, and he reveals a more bizarre plan. The boss explains that he doesn't want to lose both of them, and he only needs to turn one of them in for their crimes. So he's planned a little competition for his sexy underlings. The game begins as Chrissy and Harmony must be gagged, however each one must select the gag for her thieving confederate. Harmony chooses a thick cleavegag for her partner, and knots it between her teeth. Chrissy picks a bit gag for the petite brunette, much to Ms. Wonder's dismay, and buckles it on her. Their perverted employer then reveals the nature of his game: whichever one of the embezzling beauties can follow directions the best will win, and the loser goes to jail. The ladies are then humiliated when he demands that they "show off the goods." First they must unbutton their blouses and display their bras and jiggle their boobs for him, and the boss remarks that Chrissy's breasts are much more impressive than he imagined. Then the gagged duo must turn around, hike up their skirts, bend over to exhibit their full-backed panties and wiggle their butts. And Harmony's booty really entices their boss, which leads to the next part of the game.

Harmony is relieved of her blouse, but still wearing her skirt, bra, stockings, garters and heels. She's still bit-gagged, and she's tied bent over a table with her legs bound apart. The boss demands that Chrissy dominate the slender beauty, paying special attention to her adorable backside. Chrissy gets into it right away, slowly hiking Harmony's skirt up and lovingly fondling her cohort's butt and thighs, telling her that she always planned for Harmony to take the fall for the two of them, and that this is an added bonus. For good measure, she even lightly spanks Harmony and makes her squeal. After that, she kisses and nibbles at Harmony's ass to make it better, and gropes it some more just for good measure. All the while, Harmony is struggling and moaning helplessly into her bit gag. The boss congratulates Chrissy on a job well done, and tells her she is a natural dominatrix. Chrissy smiles and asks if that means she wins the game. The boss replies that it was only the first round, and that Harmony still needs to take her turn for the sake of fairness. A look of dismay appears on Chrissy's face as she realizes what's coming next.

When we next see Chrissy, she's bound seated on a table with her legs spread and tied wide apart. Her skirt has been removed and she's in her panties, garter belt and stockings, but her blouse is still on, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back. Harmony is stripped down to her bra, panties and garter belt, and she approaches her bound confederate. Chrissy pleads with Harmony, claiming that everything she did earlier was only a joke. Harmony pretends to agree with her and promises to go soft, but shoves the ball gag in her mouth and buckles it on tightly. On orders from their boss, Harmony unbuttons Chrissy's blouse and gropes her breasts with vigor. She even pinches Chrissy's nipples and makes her squeal. Harmony tells her that since Chrissy was willing to sell her out, she's now willing to do the same. She pulls Chrissy's hair back and plants kisses on her neck and ball-gagged lips while still groping her breasts. Finally, Harmony ends her kinky treatment by sucking on Chrissy's nipples. The boss ultimately tells the two contestants that their game has ended in a tie, and that they are both too good at dominating the other. He then says he has an idea of how to break the tie.

As the final round of the game commences, both Harmony and Chrissy are frogtied with their hands bound behind their heads in an "Opal tie." They are also both topless, dressed only in their panties, garter belts and stockings, with vibrators taped to their thighs. Both women are gagged with tight, thick, white cleavegags. As Chrissy and Harmony squirm, the boss tells them that the first one of them to orgasm will lose the game and be sent to prison. As a bonus, the winner will even get a promotion because he was so impressed by them in the earlier rounds. Harmony and Chrissy struggle and moan as they try their hardest to resist the buzzing Hitachis. Their perverted superior also takes advantage of their helplessness and fondles the captive contestants to urge them on. Eventually, the boss pushes the two women face to face (more like breast to breast) and gropes them both together. Before long, one of the tied-up contestants gives in to a powerful orgasm, and her rival follows suit soon after. But which lady has won this strange game?

In "The Perils of Snooping," ace investigator Jessica Rex has been assigned to track down the mysterious masked operative wreaking havoc in the intelligence circles lately. A tip leads her to a run-down apartment, but while she's looking for clues, the resident sneaks up on the gorgeous detective. Jessica is promptly overpowered, and the hooded villain checks his very relaxed visitor to make sure she's been completely subdued. When Jessica wakes up, she's been securely bound to a chair with her legs tied apart (allowing a tantalizing view of her most intimate area). She promptly recognizes her captor as "Paul," an inept third-rate agent. She derides the black-clad villain and demands he release her, but Paul grows weary of her insults and ballgags his beautiful prisoner. He then takes adavantage of Jessica's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to expose her perfect breasts. He leaves her alone so he can search her car and phone, and the trussed-up detective tries her best to free herself. But she's frustrated when she can't budge the knots, and she's helpless to stop the drool dripping down her chin.

Realizing they're closing in on him, the villain plans to make his escape. But he's not going to let the snoopy detective who found him get off scot-free. Jessica is stripped down to her blouse, stockings and heels, and she's wrap-gagged and tied standing hands-over-head. The masked baddie taunts the stunning brunette with the horrible possibilities of her fate. Is she in dire peril, or will he just leave Jessica to suffer the humiliation of being discovered in this embarrassing state?