The Boss's Game - Part Four - Chrissy Marie & Harmony Wonder 1
The Boss's Game - Part Four - Chrissy Marie & Harmony Wonder 2

As the final round of their boss's strange game commences, both Harmony Wonder and Chrissy Marie are frogtied with their hands bound behind their heads in an "Opal tie." They are also both topless, dressed only in their panties, garter belts and stockings, with vibrators taped to their thighs. Both women are gagged with tight, thick, white cleavegags. As Chrissy and Harmony squirm, the boss tells them that the first one of them to orgasm will lose the game and be sent to prison. As a bonus, the winner will even get a promotion because he was so impressed by them in the earlier rounds. Harmony and Chrissy struggle and moan as they try their hardest to resist the buzzing Hitachis. Their depraved superior also takes advantage of their helplessness and fondles the captive contestants to urge them on. Eventually, the boss pushes the two women face to face (actually more like breast to breast) and he gropes them both together. Before long, one of the tied-up contestants gives in to a powerful orgasm, and her rival follows suit soon after. But which lady has won this perverted game?