The Boss's Game - Part Five - Jessica Rex 0
The Boss's Game - Part Five - Jessica Rex 1
The Boss's Game - Part Five - Jessica Rex 2

In "The Perils of Snooping," ace investigator Jessica Rex has been assigned to track down the mysterious masked operative wreaking havoc in the intelligence circles lately. A tip leads her to a run-down apartment, but while she's looking for clues, the resident sneaks up on the gorgeous detective. Jessica is promptly overpowered, and the hooded villain checks his limp visitor to make sure she's been completely subdued. When Jessica wakes up, she's been securely bound to a chair with her legs tied apart (allowing a tantalizing view of her most intimate area). She promptly recognizes her captor as "Paul," an inept third-rate agent. She derides the black-clad villain and demands he release her, but Paul grows weary of her insults and ballgags his beautiful prisoner. He then takes advantage of Jessica's helplessness and unbuttons her blouse to expose her perfect breasts. He leaves her alone so he can search her car and phone, and the trussed-up detective tries her best to free herself. But she's frustrated when she can't budge the knots, and she's helpless to stop the drool dripping down her chin.