The Black Hoodie Files - Part Five - Lola Pearl 0
The Black Hoodie Files - Part Five - Lola Pearl 1
The Black Hoodie Files - Part Five - Lola Pearl 2

In the next chapter of "True Bondage Tales," Lola Pearl stars in "Ministering," a story based on actual events. A policeman is sent to investigate a report of suspicious activity and he encounters a minister in a car on a public street. When they look in the back of the vehicle the cop finds Lola naked, bound and cleavegagged. The pastor insists it's all consensual, and the gorgeous captive concurs with a nod. The naughty cleric declares nothing bad is going on, and explains that he's simply ministering to the troubled lady. Despite his claims of innocence and insistence he should be released with only a warning, the minister is arrested for public indecency, and the officer tells Lola she'll have to wait for a policewoman to untie her before taking her into custody. Once she's left alone, Lola struggles to escape this bizarre situation. She manages to get her sneakered feet untied, and she then furtively skulks around the neighborhood, desperately looking for a way to free herself. Will she be able to successfully escape from her transgressions?

(PLEASE NOTE: There is an noticeable amount of wind and traffic noise in this clip.)