The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Two - Melody Marks 2

Amateur sleuth Melody Marks is hot on the trail of missing heiress Chrissy Marie. She follows the clues to a run-down hotel, but while she's investigating a room she's grabbed from behind (hand over mouth) by the masked henchman. When he tells her that the Baron sends his greetings, Melody promptly faints. When she awakens, the blonde beauty has been dressed up in a sexy sailor outfit and bound to a column by the hot tub in the room. The villain tells the tapegagged damsel that the Baron plans to make extra money from her captivity by creating content for a costume bondage website. The booted babe tries to wiggle free, but her captor only adds to her humiliating defeat by exposing her shapely backside by tucking her skirt into her waist-rope. The perverted henchman ties a snug crotchrope that digs into her thong panties, and then exposes her perfect, all natural breasts. The trussed-up detective wriggles and pitifully moans, but she's not getting any sympathy or help from her captor, or from the unsuspecting on-line audience!