The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 0
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 1
The Baron's Revenge! - Part Six - Melody Marks 2

As the story concludes we see amateur detective Melody Marks, stripped down to a bikini and tied hand and foot in the water-filled hot tub. She asks the henchman what he has in store for her, and he tells her that The Baron has planned for this to be her final scene. The plucky damsel is still defiant, which earns her a ballgag. Next Melody's top is removed and she's roped into a fold-tie in the tub. The villain tells her to look up at the ceiling. In ten minutes, a timed device will drop a nasty tablet into the water, which will cause disastrous results! The villain flees, and Melody is left with only scant minutes to save herself. The blonde beauty valiantly struggles against her bondage, but it's impossible for her to get the knots loose, or get out of the hot tub, or reach the evil device on the ceiling. She moans and strains against the restraints. Will the Baron finally have his ultimate revenge? Is all truly lost, or will Melody be rescued?