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Carissa Montgomery is one of the genuine superstars of bondage today. Fans of this gorgeous blonde won't want to miss this engaging interview with her, accented with some of her favorite bondage situations. After the initial interview segment, Carissa portrays a classic secretary in bondage. The busty beauty begins tied in a classic seated position (wearing glasses), and ends up thoroughly hogtied on her desk with her enormous breasts exposed.

As Carissa Montgomery's interview continues, she talks about some of her favorites for bondage. The next scene reflects her preferences, and the busty superstar is naked and wearing high heels, hogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Ashley Renee steps in and takes a moment to fondle and caress the helpless beauty. Then Carissa is blindfolded and struggling, reveling in her sensual captivity.

Bondage superstar Carissa Montgomery continues her tied-up interview with two more delightful segments. Between the interview clips, we get to see the gorgeous blonde dressed up in a sailor costume and heels, frogtied and cleavegagged on the bed. Soon an over-the-nose "bandit gag" is added, her enormous breasts are exposed and a powerful vibrator is roped between her thighs. The busty beauty is then unable to stop herself from experiencing an earth-shaking, helpless orgasm.

The interview is followed by "Bound To Come" -- a collection of helpless damsels tied, gagged and compelled to orgasm. Vivie Delmonico (AKA Angelica Saige) begins this sexy series. The statuesque beauty is tapegagged and tied to a pole in her sexy bra, panties and high heels. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and the long-legged babe struggles, moans and ultimately surrenders to the powerful vibrator's irresistible one-note song.

Then Scarlett Wild is buckled into a straitjacket, silenced with a layered cleavegag and tape, and she's secured to a chair with rope, holding her in a seated frogtie position. The immobilized redhead is then powerless to escape or resist the vibrator attached to her thigh, the head pressed snug against the crotch-strap of the straitjacket.

Next, Ashley Rose experiences her very first bondage orgasm. The statuesque blonde is frogtied and silenced with microfoam tape. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist and the Hitachi is strapped in and ready to give the helpless beauty her maiden voyage in restrained orgasms.

In the next segment of "Bound To Come," Chrissy Daniels portrays a lady sheriff who's in big trouble. The all-natural beauty is handcuffed to a chair, tapegagged and her legs are tied wide apart. The leather orgasm belt is attached to her waist, and it soon lives up to its name. The curvy redhead struggles to evade the powerful vibration, but soon surrender to a helpless orgasm.

The "Bound To Come" series concludes with a unique contest. Ginger Sparks and Vivie Delmonico (Angelica Saige) are tapegagged and cuffed down to the bed. Each lady holds a small bucket containing change, and each one has a vibrator tied to her thigh -- with the head resting on the crotch of the other. They're informed that they're going to have an orgasm contest. When one gets to the point where she can't take it any more, she drops her bucket and her rival wins a $100 bonus. Which lady will be able to claim the prize?