Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery 2

In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular protagonist, Sweet Nell. As the story continues, she's been nabbed again and taken back down to the abandoned mine by the dastardly villain, Salty Sam. Nell is stripped down to her white panties, waist-cincher, stockings and boots, and our busty damsel is tied up and kneeling before a device she's never seen before. The villain explains that it's a dildo, and she's going to be tested on her oral skills. Salty Sam tells her that he plans to offer her to some disreputable foreigners if she does well. Even though Nell has no experience, she realizes she must cooperate with the vile evildoer, and she does her best to service the dildo. In fact, her performance is so good that the depraved villain decides to keep her for himself! Sweet Nell is hogtied and cleavegagged, but she still rejects her despicable captor. Salty Sam tells the beautiful damsel he intends to keep her a prisoner until she falls in love with him. Sweet Nell squirms and moans in despair. Will the hero be able to find and save her yet again?