Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part One - Carissa Montgomery 2

In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular protagonist, Sweet Nell. We begin with the story already in progress, and our hapless and oft-imperiled damsel has been grabbed once again by the villain, Salty Sam. Sweet Nell has been taken to the old mine where she's bound hand and foot. The scoundrel insists that she sign the deed to her ranch over to him, but she bravely refuses. He then asks for her hand in marriage, but Sweet Nell rebuffs him again. Sam then silences his buxom captive with a layered cloth gag (shown on-screen) and he prepares a dire fate for Sweet Nell. Our helpless damsel struggles and squirms against the ropes, but her only hope is for the hero to come and save her before it's too late! Of course, Salty Sam returns to give his delectable guest another chance to change her mind, but she turns him down again, and the heartless fiend exposes her enormous breasts before making the final preparations for his evil plot. All looks hopeless for Sweet Nell, but the hero enters in the nick of time to foil the villain. But Salty Sam isn't defeated yet!