Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Five - Terra Mizu 0
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Five - Terra Mizu 1
Sweet Nell's Perils! - Part Five - Terra Mizu 2

When evil Princess Terra Mizu finally returns to her castle, she's stunned to discover that Princess Savannah Sixx has unexpectedly escaped from her clutches! Then she's surprised to see her gorilla closing in on her in a menacing manner. The villainess tries to wrest control of the situation from the turncoat ape, but he backs her into a corner and the wicked princess faints! When Princess Terra opens her eyes again, she's being thoroughly tied to a chair by her simian underling. Her angry demands to be set free are answered with a tightly strapped ballgag, and she continues to gag-talk in an attempt to get the ape back in her control. But he only leaves her to helplessly struggle and drool. Later the renegade gorilla does return to check on his former lady-boss. First the damn dirty ape pulls down her gown to expose Princess Terra's ample bosom, then later he brings more rope to tightly bind her elbows together! The defeated villainess knows she'll never be able to free herself now, but the ape has more in store for his busty captive.