Spread-Eagled Orgasm - Ashley Lane 0
Spread-Eagled Orgasm - Ashley Lane 1
Spread-Eagled Orgasm - Ashley Lane 2

Bondage superstar Ashley Lane gives another red-hot performance in a classic scenario. Our "Damsel of the Year" award winner is dressed up in white top, panties and high heels. She's roped wide open in a "turned spread-eagle" and silenced with a detective gag. We savor her predicament, anticipating what she's got in store for her next. Then her top is pulled up and her luscious breasts are exposed, and the vibrator is brought to life. Ashley pulls against the ropes, writhes and luxuriates in her bondage, and her skin flushes. But our sweet damsel knows she can't escape the ecstacy. She abandons her helpless struggles and submits to a back-arching, earth-shaking orgasm.