She Can't Pay The Rent - Agatha Delicious 0
She Can't Pay The Rent - Agatha Delicious 1
She Can't Pay The Rent - Agatha Delicious 2

In this POV bondage fantasy, gorgeous Agatha Delicious is trying to get sympathy from her long-suffering landlord.Times are tough, and the leggy beauty has been having trouble making ends meet. She doesn't have the money for the rent, and she begs for a little more time. But the landlord's patience is at an end, and he decides to settle their account in a different way. When we next see the luscious brunette, she's bound hand and foot and cleavegagged. Agatha struggles and squirms, and she begs for release from her cruel captor. But the landlord wants to get his money's worth, so instead of letting her loose he pulls down Agatha's top to expose her ample breasts. The trussed-up tenant continues her struggles, and she wiggles down to the floor (allowing for some delectable views of her long legs), but she can't get free. How much longer will she remain a helpless captive until the landlord considers her debt to be paid?