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Now this bondage-filled fantasy is bargain priced! Leggy superstar Mary Jane Green steps in once again to be your hostage hostess and introduce sneak previews from the new season of programming for the fantasy "American Damsels Network." The long-stemmed beauty is dressed up in a corset, pantyhose and high heels (and bound hand and foot) as she performs her Mistress of Ceremonies duties. She begins with the return of the hit situation comedy "Always In Trouble." Sexy redhead Vivian Ireene Pierce (looking fantastic in 1950s-style dress) is taken captive and tied up in a classic position when she discovers her husband's new business partner is embezzling from him. She warns the villain that he won't get away with his despicable scheme, but her defiance only earns her a snug cleavegag. Left alone, Vivian frantically hops all over the office in a valiant but vain attempt to find something that will help her get loose from her bondage. However the criminal discovers her trying to escape and chairties the stunning lady with her legs wide apart and knees up (giving us a nice view of those anachronistic pantyhose) and layering a detective gag over her cleavegag. Vivian continues her energetic struggles, but it's obvious she'll remain helpless until she's rescued.

Next up is the new adventure series "Damsel Of The Sea." Gorgeous brunette Shavelle Love would appear to be your typical all-American suburban housewife, but she also works for a secret government agency because she's actually a mermaid! As the scene opens, she's fallen into the clutches of enemy agents. Our busty damsel's hands are tied, and she tries to convince her skeptical captors that she's not just wearing a costume and that she really is a mermaid. But they're not going to let her go in any case, and Shavelle is bandana-gagged by the villains and her upper body is bound. She squirms against the ropes, wishing she could turn her tail back into legs so she could run away. As Shavelle's captivity continues, the bad guys remove her top to expose her considerable breasts, and they hogtie her on the floor. Poor Shavelle flounders like a fish out of water, but the knots all hold fast!

In "Backwoods Bondage Babes," dark-haired beauty Arielle Lane is a sexy barmaid who gets into a peck of trouble at work. Dressed only in a plaid blouse and "Daisy Duke"-style denim shorts, our bare-legged damsel is tied hand and foot and silenced with a cleavegag. Before long, Arielle is roped into a fold-tie, and she continues her athletic struggles to get free. Because of her efforts, Ms. Lane's captors decide to take no chances with her, and she's restrained in a snug hogtie and duct tape is added to her gag. They also unbutton her blouse to reveal her perfect, all natural breasts. The barefoot beauty squirms energetically, but she's definitely going to need a heroic cousin or two to rescue her!

Voluptuous Vanessa Veracruz makes her American Damsels debut in "The Leztina Buglar." The sizzling redhead is caught in the act and tied spread-eagle to the bed in her black catsuit, gloves, corset and mask. The spirited lady is defiant, but her insistant demands to be freed are answered with an application of duct tape on her lips. Vanessa fights against the bonds, but she's unable to resist as her captors remove her mask. Before long the gorgeous Latina is tied seated against the headboard with her arms and legs bound wide apart, and her catsuit is unzipped to expose her ample breasts. The cunning beauty begins to despair, as she realizes that despite her amazing skills, she may not be able to wiggle out of this knotty trap!

Hostess Mary Jane introduces the new season of "Women In Black." In this scene from the science fiction series about Terran law enforcement ladies working for the Universal Police, Phoebe Queen joins the W.I.B. However, things don't go well for the Queen of the Phoebians. Dressed up in the regulation uniform of white blouse, short black skirt, black stockings (with garters) and heels, poor Phoebe has been taken captive and she's ballgagged and thoroughly tied up in a classic position. She wants to succeed with her first mission, but no matter how hard she struggles, she can't get away. Our sweet damsel's efforts do not go unnoticed, and Phoebe's captors bind her into a strict, inescapable ball-tie on the bare mattress (and open up her blouse as well). Ms. Queen continues to squirm, struggle and moan, and she helplessly drools past her gag.

With her hostess duties for the preview show completed, Mary Jane Green (still dressed in a black, corset, gloves and sheer-to-waist pantyhose) finally takes her turn to show off her own substantial bondage skills. She trades her high heels for a pair of high fetish ballet heels, and a red ballgag is strapped between her lips. Still tied hand and foot, the gorgeous babe goes through her paces, sensually squirming and striking a series of poses that showcase her long, long legs and adorable nipples peeking over her corset. It's going to be another great season!