Season Of Danger - Part Two - Shavelle Love  0
Season Of Danger - Part Two - Shavelle Love  1
Season Of Danger - Part Two - Shavelle Love  2

As the previews for the new season of "The American Damsels Network" continue, hostage hostess Mary Jane Green introduces a new adventure series, "Damsel Of The Sea." Gorgeous brunette Shavelle Love would appear to be your typical all-American suburban housewife, but she also works for a secret government agency because she's actually a mermaid! As the scene opens, she's fallen into the clutches of enemy operatives. Our busty damsel's hands are tied, and she tries to convince her skeptical captors that she's not just wearing a costume and that she really is a mermaid. But they're not going to let her go in any case, and Shavelle is bandana-gagged by the villains and her upper body is bound. She squirms against the ropes, wishing she could turn her tail back into legs so she could run away. As Shavelle's captivity continues, the bad guys remove her top to expose her considerable breasts, and they hogtie her on the floor. Poor Shavelle flounders like a fish out of water, but the knots all hold fast!