Season Of Danger - Part One - Vivian Ireene Pierce 0
Season Of Danger - Part One - Vivian Ireene Pierce 1
Season Of Danger - Part One - Vivian Ireene Pierce 2

Leggy superstar Mary Jane Green steps in once again to be your hostage hostess and introduce sneak previews from the new season of programming for the fantasy "American Damsels Network." The long-stemmed beauty is dressed up in a corset, pantyhose and high heels (and bound hand and foot) as she performs her Mistress of Ceremonies duties. She begins with the return of the hit situation comedy "Always In Trouble." Sexy redhead Vivian Ireene Pierce (looking fantastic in 1950s-style dress) is taken captive and tied up in a classic position when she discovers her husband's new business partner is embezzling from him. She warns the villain that he won't get away with his despicable scheme, but her defiance only earns her a snug cleavegag. Left alone, Vivian frantically hops all over the office in a valiant but vain attempt to find something that will help her get loose from her bondage. However the criminal discovers her trying to escape and chairties the stunning lady with her legs wide apart and knees up (giving us a nice view of those anachronistic pantyhose) and layering a detective gag over her cleavegag. Vivian continues her energetic struggles, but it's obvious she'll remain helpless until she's rescued.

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Dienstag, 04. April 2017, 07:45 Uhr Andre1959 ★★★★★ Stunning! Vivian makes a lovely 50's xxx!
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