Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 0
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 1
Sailor Melody VS. Vibrato! - Alternate Camera Edit 2

Encore! This popular scene can now be savored from new angles with the 2nd camera version!As our scene opens, Sailor Melody (Melody Marks) has been take captive by her nemesis, Vibrato! The adorable blonde is bound hand and foot and she admits she's been defeated, then she asks what the vile criminal is going to do to her. She soon finds out, and the booted babe is ballgagged and writhing helplessly on the bed. Sailor Melody struggles and moans, but her efforts to escape are all in vain! When we next see the stunning sailor scout, her boots have been removed. The gorgeous crimebuster is restrained with handcuffs and leg-irons, she's cleavegagged and Vibrato has secured a powerful device between her pantyhose-clad thighs. Sailor Melody's luscious breasts are exposed, and the depraved villain takes a moment to savor his sweet captive's predicament. Then the vibrator is brought to life, and the bound and gagged damsel tries her best to avoid the relentless hum of the device. But Sailor Melody can't escape, nor can she stop the feelings elicited by the fiendish instrument. She tries her best to squirm away from it, and she holds out as long as she can. But ultimately she has no choice to surrender to a powerful, eye-rolling orgasm. What evil plan does Vibrato have in store for her next?