Sailor Dresden Vs. Professor Surlaw 0
Sailor Dresden Vs. Professor Surlaw 1
Sailor Dresden Vs. Professor Surlaw 2

Dresden portrays an anime-inspired character in this two-scene story. As the tale begins, Sailor Dresden seeks out her nemesis Professor Surlaw to give him some good news: they've discovered a way to transform the mutated villain back to human form! However the disfigured maniac is apparently quite pleased with the way he looks, and he promptly overpowers Sailor Dresden. When she opens her eyes, she's been ballgagged and bound seated with her hands tied overhead. She struggles against her bonds, but she can't escape the ropes. When her host finally reappears, she pleads through the ballgag to be set free. But all her begging falls on deaf ears, and the evil monster takes advantage of her powerless state to pull up her blouse and expose her perfect breasts. Sailor Dresden continues to fight her bondage, but it's a fight she can't win and she can only wonder what the depraved professor has in store for her next.

When we next see our damsel, Sailor Dresden is stripped down to only high heels and gloves. She's gagged with microfoam tape and there's a powerful vibrator secured between her legs. When Professor Surlaw enters, she frantically begs to be released, but the villain's only response is to activate the vibrator. She makes a valiant effort to resist the relentless power of the device, but it's not long before she succumbs to its influence and surrenders to a helpless orgasm. How long will she be kept his bound and gagged plaything?