Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 0
Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 1
Redhead In A Haunted House - Nala Brooks 2

Sexy showgirl Nala Brooks has been grabbed by a masked villain and taken to his hideout, which happens to be in a haunted house! He brings the leggy redhead in with her hands tied behind her back and she's ballgagged. As Nala's captor ropes her into a snug hogtie (all show on-screen) he tells his curvy captive that he knows she's not just another dancer in the chorus line, but secretly the mistress of the wealthy casino owner. Once the redheaded sailor-lady is completely helpless, the ski-masked meanie goes to collect the ransom. But before he exits, he warns his luscious guest that the house is haunted, and gorgeous women have a tendency to mysteriously disappear from this spooky place. The busty babe makes an energetic attempt to free herself, and her short dress hikes up to reveal her pantyhose top in her struggles. Poor Nala can't free herself from the unforgiving nylon ropes, though she does manage to get her stocking-clad feet out of her high-heeled shoes. Our hogtied damsel is about to completely surrender when she suddenly hears a terrifying scream... Has some horrible fate befallen her captor? What will happen to Nala now?