Professor Claw's Captives - The Complete Video 0
Professor Claw's Captives - The Complete Video 1
Professor Claw's Captives - The Complete Video 2

This full feature is now bargain priced! As this steampunk-inspired story begins, Agent Pamela of Freedonia is taken captive by Dr. Nicole Taylorr. The sexy blonde is tied in a "standing Y" position outside to a tree, cleavegagged and left alone to struggle by the buxom brunette.

Then later Dr. Taylorr is caught snooping by Agent Pamela. The busty brunette is bed-tied cross-legged, her arms bound wide apart to the headboard, and she's silenced with a classic white over-the-mouth "detective gag." Agent Pamela plans to spirit the captive beauty away, but something goes terribly wrong before she can complete her scheme!

Professor Claw has has unexpectedly entered and overpowered the gorgeous adversaries. Dr. Taylorr is roped into a snug hogtie on the bed, and Agent Pamela is frogtied and attached to headboard. Both women are cleavegagged with strips of duct tape pressed over the cloth... and they're in trouble! Will they be rescued in time?

As "Dangerous Toys" begins, sexy government agent Megan Salinas awakens to find herself tied in a classic position on a bed, ballgagged and exposed. Soon the gorgeous Latina realizes she's being stalked by a sinister plush toy. What will happen to our damsel if she doesn't free herself and escape in time?

Then Sexy secretaries Ashley Rose and Cody Hunter and victims of an office robbery. Ashley is tied bent over a desk and Cody is chair-tied, her shapely legs crossed at the knees. As the scene progresses, both ladies are cleavegagged and exposed by the robbers.

That night Ashley is awakened by a handgag from her coworker Cody Hunter. The unsuspecting Ashley is ballgagged and tied down to the bed by her scheming officemate, and Cody uses a powerful vibrator to interrogate the buxom blonde. After a helpless orgasm, Cody removes her ballgag to continue the questioning, but then the petite MILF is grabbed by a mysterious intruder.

The slender blonde is bound by a masked intruder, and he tapegags her (shown on-screen). The mysterious villain then hogties Cody, exposes her all natural breasts and hikes up her skirt to reveal her stocking-tops and garters before leaving her alone to helplessly struggle on the bed.

Agent Ashley Rose is spirited away by a sinister foreign agent. She's first roped into a strappado position and then mummified in tape (even her toes are taped), she's tapegagged and her ample breasts are exposed. When the sexy spy refuses to divulge her secrets, the villain leaves her to an uncertain fate when she's menaced by an evil plush toy.