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This hot fantasy is now bargain priced! As the story begins, gorgeous Erika Jordan (in a T-shirt, lacy panties and thigh-high socks) indulges in a self-bondage game. She pretends an intruder has broken into her bedroom. The imaginary villain demands the gorgeous babe to cleavegag herself with a bandana. She then binds her shapely socks-clad legs and handcuffs herself. Her bondage complete, Erika then luxuriates in her self-imposed helplessness, sensually struggling and squirming on her bed.

Meanwhile in another part of town where a sleazy businessman and his girlfriend (Shay Laren, in bra and panties) are trying to hatch a scheme. The villain is going to claim his busty babe was grabbed and held for ransom, and all she has to do is get free after an hour and call the cops. He opens her bra to expose her enormous breasts and leaves to establish his alibi. But the gorgeous brunette has been bound a little too well, and despite significant struggles she fails to get herself loose. Her boyfriend comes back several hours later to angrily criticize her for ruining his devious plan, and he absent-mindedly neglects to untie her as he starts to formulate a new scheme.

Later, cadet officer Erika Jordan responds to the call from Shay Laren, and the busty brunette spins a tale of being held hostage by home invaders and held for ransom. Shay then convinces the gorgeous policewoman to participate in a reenactment of the traumatic events. Erika is quickly chairtied and cleavegagged, and before long Shay opens up her prisoner's uniform shirt and exposes her huge breasts. But what devious plans does have for the trussed-up policewoman?

The story takes and unexpected turn when Shay Laren has a change of heart, and decides she doesn't want to be a part of the crazy scheme any more. She frees police cadet Erika Jordan, and Shay instructs the stunning cop to bind and gag her so she can tell her boss that the resourceful law woman freed herself and overpowered her. Erika does so and the gorgeous brunette struggles and squirms on the sofa. Yet Shay's idea to foil her boss's caper doesn't quite go as planned!

Realizing that his partner has attempted to double-cross him, the scheming businessman leaves Shay Laren bound and tapegagged along with police cadet Erika Jordan. The naked beauties are tied to each other, and they struggle, squirm and moan -- but will they ever be able to escape?