Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Three - River Fox 0
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Three - River Fox 1
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Three - River Fox 2

A few nights after River Fox discovers she has a growing fetish for being robbed, she's lounging in bed in her bra and panties, pondering the recent events at work: "I told my boyfriend Red about what had happened at the office, but he didn't have a lot of interest in it. I thought about it more and more, and finally I texted him to come on over and rob me. I told him I'd leave the door unlocked for him. He said I was being stupid, and I really wasn't sure if he just being a selfish bastard or if he was kidding and he really going to come over for some fun." When she hears suspicious noises, River thinks it's her boyfriend, but she quickly realizes it's the same burglar from the office who ignited her fetish! When we next see the sock-footed babe, she's ballgagged and tightly hogtied on her bed. Ms. Fox rolls around in ecstasy, luxuriating in delight at the knowledge she's being robbed again. At some point the depraved intruder takes a moment to reveal the captive blonde's luscious breasts and she continues her excited struggles. Before the villain leaves, River manages to get the ballgag from between her lips and she begs him to do something with her, anything! How could anyone resist such a request from this helpless beauty?