Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part One - River Fox - Kendra Spade  0
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part One - River Fox - Kendra Spade  1
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part One - River Fox - Kendra Spade  2

"When I started working here at the B & G Company, I heard stories that for some reason there were a lot of burglaries and robberies, and sometimes even office takeover robberies," sexy secretary River Fox thinks. "I don't know if we're targeted because this is a company owned and run by women with mostly female employees or not. But for some reason when I heard these stories I found them to be very exciting. But while this may have inspired a few fantasies, I knew it wasn't likely to happen to me. After all, we have a security guard downstairs and she's had a lot of experience with these situations." But at that very moment stunning security officer Kendra Spade is confronted by a burglar — and she immediately surrenders and gives her handcuffs to the intruder!

"Still, I wasn't prepared for what was about to happen that night I stayed at the office working late..." the busty blonde recalls. When the burglar finds River, she offers him no resistance. Ms. Fox (in a snug-fitting top, short skirt, stockings, garters and open-toed high heels) is tied to her chair, and she excitedly chatters to her captor. When the robber has heard enough he cleavegags the bound beauty and she revels in her new role as a damsel in distress. Later the burglar returns and finds River's purse. She can scarcely hide her growing excitement as he finds her purse and steals her credit cards and driver license. It seems Ms. Fox has Harpaxophilia: The erotic arousal from the thought of or act of being burglarized or robbed! The randy thief exposes River's considerable breasts and hikes up her short skirt before leaving her to struggle. The subdued secretary squirms in her bondage, but is she secretly enjoying her situation?