Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Five - Kendra Spade 0
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Five - Kendra Spade 1
Ms. Fox's Fetish - Part Five - Kendra Spade 2

After River Fox's story concludes, we find out about "Officer Kendra's Fantasy." A few nights after they're robbed at the B & G Company, security guard Kendra Spade is making her rounds when she's surprised by a burglar again! This intruder is well-prepared and he's definitely got an agenda. First he makes the dark-eyed beauty take off her belt, unbutton her uniform blouse and remove her skirt. Next he has Kendra gag herself with a bandana, and then she must use her own handcuffs to lock her hands in front of her. Once she's bound and gagged, officer Spade must take a powerful Hitachi hidden nearby and bring herself to orgasm! The subdued guard has no choice but to comply, and it's not long until she succumbs to the relentless buzz of the vibrator and has a helpless orgasm. She then asks through her gag what the burglar is going to do her now!