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Now this amazing video is bargain priced! In this follow-up to "The Secretary Scheme," we get a brief glimpse or two into the aftermath following Ms. Purple's resolution of the celebrated case. We begin as the author/detective's leg-woman Phoebe Queen phones in a report to her boss. She tells the famous sleuth that her niece, Blair Williams, was investigating at the B & G Company, looking for any clues that might lead to the mastermind of the plot. But Phoebe hadn't heard from Blair in hours, and we soon find out why. Ms. Williams (in secretarial blouse, short skirt, belt, pantyhose and heels) is caught snooping by a mysterious ski-masked villain. The busty blonde is tied hand and foot, cleavegagged with a bandana and secured to a chair (all shown on-screen) and her captor starts to make a video of his sexy hostage. But the plucky damsel tells him why that's a bad idea and demands to be set free. Next Blair is ballgagged and the bad guys bares her considerable breasts (which she can't stop herself from drooling on). The buxom beauty energetically struggles to free herself while the masked intruder completes his mission, but her efforts are all for naught. What does he have planned for her next?

Next Phoebe informs Ms. Purple that Ashley Lane was actually a government agent, and a video from her earlier captivity showed up on an adult tube site. In that video, the flawless blonde is seen being silenced with cloth stuffing and a bondage tape wrap gag. Wearing only pantyhose (with the crotch cut away) and an unbuttoned shirt, the captured agent is bound kneeling with her hands tied overhead to the ceiling. She's perched on top of a special pillow that holds a powerful vibrator to her intimate area. Once Ms. Lane is secured in place, the device is activated. The captured spy tries to evade the relentless hum of the magic wand, but she soon surrenders to a helpless, eye-rolling orgasm.

As Ms. Queen continues her report, she tells her boss that Britney Amber was finally located. The stunning security specialist was still being compelled to employ her professional skills for her captors by day, but at night the gorgeous lady was used as a dungeon slave at the mysterious "Studio X." Britney is seen dressed up in classic lacy black bra and panties, garters, stockings and open-toed heels. The doe-eyed darling is ballgagged and bound in an "Eiffel Tower" position to a metal frame. Soon her enormous breasts are exposed, she loses her shoes and her ankles are tied together. As Britney drools, struggles and squirms, she lifts her feet off the ground, treating us to a momentary stocking-footed suspension.

For the final part of Phoebe's update, she tells Ms. Purple that a video of Chrissy Marie had surfaced. The wicked office manager was a conspirator in "The Secretary Scheme," but with this depiction of Chrissy as another helpless victim of the criminal organization, they wonder if she may be able to raise doubts to her willingness as a participant in the evil plot. For the video that was discovered, Chrissy is stripped down to thigh high stockings, bra and panties and throroughly frogtied on the bare mattress. The sexy damsel is silenced with a microfoam tapegag wrapped all around her head, under her hair. Her captor lets her know that right now interested parties are watching her scene, and they're about to determine if she'll continue working as an office manager or begin a new career as a bondage slave. Chrissy struggles enthusiastically to escape, but the ropes hold tight. Then her captor re-enters to pull down her bra and reveal her lovely, natural breasts, and Chrissy continues her vain attempts to liberate herself, knowing her fate is already sealed.

Her work completed, Phoebe is expecting a fun night ahead with her boyfriend (whose shirt she's wearing, in addition to her panties and thigh high stockings). She thinks it's him when she hears the door, but it's actually one of the criminals! The petite beauty is promptly grabbed, cleavegagged and tied up in a classic position on the bed and leashed to the headboard. The intruder tells her he's going to find all the evidence she's collected for Ms. Purple to delete it. Left alone, the sexy brunette manages to stretch her shapely legs down and reach her phone. She brings it up to her bound hands and is just about to call for help when she's caught! Ms. Queen's captor then unbuttons the shirt and exposes her perfect breasts and adds a layer of microfoam tape to her gag before leaving her alone to struggle in vain.