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The adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with highlights from three of her cases. In each of these thrilling exploits, our daring damsel assumes a different role to gather information for the case... and she runs into trouble along the way. In "The Snoopy Concierge Gets Washed Up," Melody investigates a fraud case in the hospitality industry. But when her cover is blown, she winds up cleavegagged, tightly tied up with rubber straps and stashed away in the bathroom of one of the hotel's suites. The restless criminal moves the delectable detective into the bathtub, and cruelly binds her elbows together with more rubber straps. Then Melody is stripped down to only her white blouse and stuck into the shower. As her blouse gets more and more soaked, the details of her breasts are revealed, then her top is unbuttoned to bare her bosom and the soaked sleuth is left to wallow in her soggy and embarrassing defeat.