Melody Undercover - Part Three - Melody Marks 0
Melody Undercover - Part Three - Melody Marks 1
Melody Undercover - Part Three - Melody Marks 2

The adventures of amateur sleuth Melody Marks continue with highlights from three of her cases. In each of these thrilling exploits, our daring damsel assumes a different role to gather information for the case... and she runs into trouble along the way. The final chapter of this collection is "Bondage Therapy For Nurse Melody." Ms. Marks poses as a nurse at a seedy clinic to trap a dangerous fugitive who's passing himself off as a doctor. Unfortunately the bad doctor discovers Melody isn't who she claims to be either, and he gets the upper hand with the blonde beauty. Our intrepid detective is hogtied to a crutch and the stuffing of her gag is visible through the clear tape pressed over her lips. Poor Melody manages to get her heels off, but she's unable to shed the unyielding restraints. Then the villain returns and relieves the stunning detective of her uniform, leaving her only in panties and high heels. She's roped down to a table with her hands overhead... and a powerful vibrator secured in place between her thighs. Before he makes his getaway, the villain switches on the device. Melody struggles against the ropes and tries to escape before she's found in this predicament. But despite her best efforts, the gorgeous P.I. can't get free, nor can she resist the seductive hum of the vibrator. It's not long until the vanquished damsel succumbs to a helpless orgasm.