Melody Undercover - Part Five - Keely Rose 0
Melody Undercover - Part Five - Keely Rose 1
Melody Undercover - Part Five - Keely Rose 2

As "The Valentine Doll" continues, Keely Rose is taken prisoner by an evil doll and she suddenly finds herself dressed in red heels and a silky red slip, bound with pink leather cuffs standing with her hands up. She's silenced with a stuffed cleave gag, and the haunted doll watches her struggles nearby. The voluptuous babe pulls and strains to get free, but she's no match for the supernatural restraints. Then the phone rings, and the bound damsel is astonished when the doll answers her phone. It's her boyfriend, and the doll uses Keely's own voice to break up with him. Before long, the demonic toy uses its powers to bare Keely's ample breasts, and the helpless redhead continues to fight against the straps. Then she gets a brilliant idea to use her voice assistant to call for help. But she's frustrated when the device can't understand her gagged requests. Keely continues her valiant struggle for freedom, but she's completely unprepared for what the evil doll has planned for a finale!