Liv: Dangerously! - Part Four - Adira Allure 1
Liv: Dangerously! - Part Four - Adira Allure 2

As this unsold TV pilot continues, Special Agent Liv Wild had left a message for her fellow agent Adira Allure to come looking for her if she didn't report back at the appointed time. When she turns up missing, Adira seeks her friend, but instead finds only trouble! The blonde babe is also nabbed by the villains, scarf-gagged and tied to a chair. Adira vigorously fights her bondage, but the ropes hold tight. As Ms. Allure's captors ponder what to do with their bound beauty, they take advantage of her helplessness and pull her blouse back to reveal her breasts. The evil men then leave Adira in dire peril. Will she be able to save Liv, and herself in time?