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As this fanciful, bondage-filled jungle fantasy begins, undercover government operative Pristine Edge (dressed in a snug-fitting short jacket, tank top and miniskirt) is snooping through a storage shack, looking for incriminating evidence against the enigmatic Colonel Jackman. The busty beauty is discovered by the wannabe despot and grabbed hand-over-mouth. Agent Edge is then seen barefoot and securely tied to a chair, arms lashed to her sides and legs bound wide apart. Our feisty damsel refuses to cooperate with her camo-clad captor or answer any of his questions, so he silences Pristine with a stuffed cleavegag (shown on-screen). The Colonel exposes her luscious breasts and then leaves to plan her fate, and Pristine squirms and fights in vain against her bonds, but escape is impossible!

When we next see Pristine, she's tied down to a bare mattress in a crossed-ankle tie with her hands roped overhead. The sexy agent is also gagged with duct tape and she has a powerful vibrator secured in place against her most intimate area. The evil Colonel pulls up her tank top to bare her considerable breasts again, and she listens in terror as he contemplates the horrible possibilities he has planned for her. Jackman then switches on the device and Agent Edge pulls against the ropes and tries her best to evade the merciless hum of the vibrator, but it's not long until she has no choice but to surrender to a powerful, inescapable orgasm. All seems hopeless for Pristine when an unexpected savior appears!

Colonel Jackman suspects that humanitarian volunteer Arielle Lane (in uniform blouse, ankle boots and short skirt) is secretly working with Pristine Edge, and so he grabs the leggy beauty to eliminate any possible threat she may pose. Arielle is tightly cleavegagged and the villain securely ties her to a tree in a narrow corridor. He informs his stunning prisoner that after nightfall the passage is used by a cackle of hyenas from a nearby wildlife preserve, and that she'll make a tasty dinner for them. The Colonel leaves poor Arielle to her unspeakable fate and she struggles to escape this dire peril. Despite her efforts to free herself, the knots hold tight and all appears lost, but then the situation takes a surprising turn!

In order to fund his insane schemes, Colonel Jackman grabs vacationing heiress Valentina Nappi. The dark-haired beauty is wearing only a short dress, and she's tied standing hands-over-head in his lair. She demands that the villain release her, but instead he ends her protests with several strips of duct tape pressed onto her lips (shown on-screen). He tells his gorgeous hostage that she'll remain his guest until her father pays for her release, and he leaves her alone. The busty socialite moans and struggles in her bondage, but she knows she can't get away. Later the Colonel returns with good news: Her father came through with the money, and so he'll be letting her go... but he hasn't decided what to do with her until then. The fiend unzips her dress and yanks it aside to reveal all of Valentina's feminine charms, and the busty, barefoot heiress frets and pulls against the unrelenting bonds but she knows there's no hope of escape for her. Later Valentina is seated, detective-gagged, handcuffed and locked in leg-irons when her ordeal is ended by a mysterious hero.

Months later, we learn what became of Arielle Lane. The stunning brunette not only escaped the Colonel's trap, she thrived, becoming a legendary queen of the jungle. When she returns to confront her old nemesis at his compound, the cunning villain activates a hidden switch and traps the bikini-clad adventuress in a capture net! When we next see Arielle of the Jungle she's tightly cleavegagged and strictly tied into an inescapable hogtie (including a toe-tie). The Colonel decides he's going to flee, but when he leaves he intends to wipe out the surrounding village... and Arielle along with it! He bares her perfect breasts and escapes, and Arielle frantically squirms against the ropes. But the trussed-up jungle queen is completely helpless and the clock is running out. How will she ever be able to save the village and herself?