Jungle Captives - Part Two - Pristine Edge 0
Jungle Captives - Part Two - Pristine Edge 1
Jungle Captives - Part Two - Pristine Edge 2

As this bondage-filled jungle fantasy continues, we see what Colonel Jackman has planned for captive government operative Pristine Edge. The busty barefoot babe is tied down to a bare mattress in a crossed-ankle tie with her hands roped overhead. The sexy agent is also gagged with duct tape and she has a powerful vibrator secured in place against her most intimate area. The evil Colonel pulls up her tank top to bare her considerable breasts again, and she listens in terror as he contemplates the horrible possibilities he has planned for her. Jackman then switches on the device and Agent Edge pulls against the ropes and tries her best to evade the merciless hum of the vibrator, but it's not long until she has no choice but to surrender to a powerful, inescapable orgasm. All seems hopeless for Pristine when an unexpected savior appears!